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U.S. Legal Associates is a full service Private Investigation firm founded on professionalism and efficiency. This firm strives to achieve the optimum results in each case entrusted to us.  The principals of this company have a combined 43 years of experience working with Legal, Medical and Insurance professionals as well as Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies. This valuable experience includes CONFIDENTIAL services to many businesses and high-profile individuals and organizations. We understand the importance of Value, Accountability, and Trust. These components are essential for success in today’s economy and competitive business arena as businesses large and small, are becoming more transparent with their customers in order to establish trust. The added value of using a professional and efficient investigation firm within your organization means an increase to your firm’s bottom line while decreasing its liability. Common services provided are: Surveillances, Debugging, Undercover Agents, Background Checks, Missing Persons, Witness Locates, and Asset Searches.


Personal Protection Officers (PPO) “Bodyguards” (Armed or Unarmed)
U.S. Legal Agents provides recruitment, placement, and schedule coordination services for professional private protection personnel throughout the United States. U.S. Legal Associates is a licensed agency that provides professional Protection and Private Investigation services to discriminating clientele.
All PPO personnel shall be Off-Duty Certified Peace Officers or Licensed PPO’s by the Texas DPS. These agents may be presented in either their official law enforcement uniforms or in non-uniform attire depending on the client’s requirements. All non-uniformed agents will be armed with a concealed handgun, while uniformed agents will bear their service handgun.

The standard attire and equipment for PPO Agents consists of:
A Conservative Dark Complete Dress Suit
Dress Neck Tie
White or Light Colored Dress Shirt
Comfortable Black Dress Shoes
Two-Way Radio with Surveillance Earpiece Kit when

       Two or more agents are working the same detail.
Cellular Telephone



Other Legal Support-

 U.S. Legal Agents offers an array of Court Services that lends support to the legal community including but not limited to:

  • Civil Process Service
  • Court Filings
  • Record Research
  • Record Copying
  • Court Courier Service
  • Return of Service Filings
  • Much More!

Member in Good Standing with the

National Association of Professional Process Servers